Tokens Show

Providing provocative, thoughtful, and dare we say, intelligent entertainment, the highly acclaimed Nashville-based Tokens Show, hosted by creator/curator, Lee Camp, “breaks down false dichotomies.”

This is, of course, a smarty-pants way of saying that they bring together parties that most would never dream of putting on the same stage: Academics and activists, comedians and scholars, Grammy-award winning artists and homeless street-paper vendors; banjos and cellos, spirituals and jazz, accordions and string quartets; an editor of Esquire magazine and an orthodox-Jew-New-Testament-scholar, a Christian pacifist and a colonel-become-an-academic, a native American song-writer and a Civil War re-enactor, to name a few.

They engage award-winning and world-class vocalists, A-list musicians, and best-selling authors; addressing issues of provocative social importance, while never taking themselves too  seriously.  

Twitter: @tokensshow
Instagram: @thetokensshow